Advertising As a Career Option

Making career choices is not easy. One is overwhelmed by the variety of options available and intrigued about knowing one’s own abilities. Like everyone, I have always wanted to be a lot of things in life, but one has to start with one thing at a time. I took the Commerce stream as I never had the aptitude for Science, and Humanities was a stream too trivial for me. It proved to be a good decision as I did well in class 12th and got the opportunity to continue my education in the area. In college, I explored the various options that my course, B. Com. Honours has, and finally decided to specialize in Marketing in my final year.

I chose Marketing as it combined my interests in Commerce and creativity. Marketing in itself is a diverse branch of commerce. Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing Management and Brand Management are only a few of its various branches. After some well spent hours in research and introspection, I finally arrived at the conclusion that I want to further my knowledge in Advertising.

Advertising really intrigued me. I have always had an eye for good advertisements but never thought of it as a career option. Now when I read thick, illustrated books on advertising history, I was convinced it would be my profession for life.

Advertising is nothing but art. It creatively projects the immediate beliefs and practices of people of a time. For example, Indian advertisements today present a nuclear family, technology oriented youth and working wives, which is true to the nature of present Indian society. Also, since the purpose of advertising is to promote and sell a product, it persuades people by presenting situations and themes relevant to their lifestyles. In this, it presents the immediate culture of society. If archaeologists of the future would want to know the culture of 21st century India, they would have to look at its ads! These aspects of advertising made me understand an advertiser’s responsibility towards society to project its culture without distortion.

Now the question was- what does it take to be an advertiser? I believe, to make good ads, one has to be a student of human nature. One should be able to connect with people, because advertising is more about people than products. One should be observant of lives and the needs of people to create effective communication. Another requirement would be creativity. All of us are creative at one level or the other. People who are serious about advertising should make a conscious effort towards enhancing their creativity. If you like photography, then pick up a camera and try taking some interesting pictures. Or if you like to write, then write on some interesting topics. Such activities would bring out your latent creative potential.

Advertising is multi-faceted. Print and media are not the only methods of advertising. Outdoor advertising, online advertising and direct marketing are its various challenging new methods today. One can slowly explore the various mediums by researching on the internet or simply observing advertisements all around.

An MBA would certainly enhance one’s prospects in this area but one needs to choose the institute and course carefully. Not many institutes in India provide a specialization in advertising. MICA, Ahmedabad is the best institute to launch one’s career in advertising. Symbiosis, Pune and Narsee Monjee, Mumbai are two other renowned institutes which provide comprehensive education in advertising. However, all major management institutes in the UK, the US and Australia have advertising in MBA curriculum.

Advertising is an interesting career option for a Commerce student as it is not about making accounts or balance sheets. Advertising requires originality, creativity and a mind open to new ideas. Advertising would be worth a thought for someone who wants to make an unconventional career choice.

Find Job Oriented Advertising Institutes in Delhi

With the increasing media houses, the demand for media professionals is also increasing. Advertising is the best way to sell products. It is a form of communication that attracts the audience to buy the products, ideas or services. It is actually means building the brand. It actually plays a significant role in today’s highly competitive world. It is mainly a service industry that helps to create demand, promote marketing system and boost economic growth. Thus, advertising forms the basis of marketing.

There are many advertising institutes in Delhi that offers best education quality, placement. Their infrastructure is good and fee is also reasonable. To name some are Sri Aurobindo Centre For Arts and Communication, Media Success Academy, Digital Academy The Film School, Sadhna Academy For Media Studies, Chitrabani, Satyajit Ray Film And Television Institute, National Institute Of Creative Communication and many more.

Theses advertising institutes in Delhi offer courses like Diploma in Advertising, Diploma in Advertising & Communication Management, Diploma in Advertising & Marketing, Diploma in Commercial Arts & Advertising. Some of the Advertising institutes offer Post Graduate Diplomas like PG Diploma in Advertising & Marketing Communication and PG Diploma in Public Relations & Advertising. Certificate courses of different duration are also available in this field. These courses cater to the specific needs of this field. These advertising courses help to get the insight knowledge of how things work in the advertising industry. A media and journalism course at a good college might also help you get hold of the skill.

For promotion, different mediums are used like newspapers, television, radio, websites and text messages. People need to be creative and have a good sense of visualizing so that they can leave a wonderful mark in this field. Globalization has created vast market space for advertisement and to maintain the balance, advertising companies are hiring more professionals who can handle the emerging needs.

There are plenty of opportunities in advertising field now. Lots of jobs are there in this field such as advertising executive, public relation executive, proof reader, copy writer and photographer. Advancement in communications and marketing technologies opens up a new era in digital advertising, offering a wide range of opportunities for the talented advertising professionals. They can work with television, newspapers, magazines, websites and radio. Experienced persons can start their own advertisement agency as well. A good advertising institute can play a very important role in getting the exposure in the industry.

Courses in Advertising Offer Various Advantages

Advertising course in India offers the following advantages:

Advertisement plays an important role in introducing a new product in the market and stimulates the people to buy the product.

It facilitates mass production to goods and increases the volume of sales or you can say, increasing in sale and selling expenses will decreases.

It helps the manufacturer to expand his market and helps in exploring new markets for the products. It plays a vital role in widening the marketing for the manufactures products by converting the customers living at the remote areas and far flung.

Advertising is very helpful in meeting the forces of competition in the market. Continuous advertising is very important to save the product from the clutches of the competition.

Advertising is dynamic and educational in nature. It familiarizes people with the new products and its uses and also educates them about the new uses of existing products.

Advertisement is instrumental in enhancing goodwill of the concern. It introduces the manufacture and the product to the people. Repeated good quality of products brings more reputation for the manufacturer and increases goodwill for the concern.

It has an aim to establish a direct link between the consumer and the manufacturer, therefore removing the marketing intermediaries which increases the profits of the consumer and the manufacturer gets the products at lower rates.

It facilitates the work of a salesman. The product which the salesman sells, the customers are already familiar with that product. By advertising, the selling efforts of a salesman are greatly supplemented.

Under different brand names, different goods are advertised. A branded product gives a standard quality to the consumers. The manufacturer provides quality goods to the consumers and tries to win their confidence in his products.

It is helpful in minimizing the cost of the magazines and newspapers etc. The price of bringing out a newspaper is largely met by the advertisements published therein.

Advertising create more employment opportunities for all talented people like photographers, painters, singers, musicians, cartoonists, models and people working in different advertising agencies.

The experience of the advanced countries show that advertising is very much responsible for enhancing the standards of living, the consuming power of men and creates want for better standard of living. By bringing to the knowledge of the consumers different variety of better quality products, it has helped too much in increasing the standard of living in a developing economy like India.

Therefore, Advertising Institutes is helping a lot in providing a lot of good job opportunities and good career for a talented person through its various Courses in Advertising in India.